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WBVO Pilot

JBVO (April 2, 2000, partial)

Is My Hair High Enough?

I'm The Magic Man

Wait For The Count

Mr. Excitement

I've Been Practicing (DBZ EP)

Celebrate Your Mama


Another Monkey Dance

JBVO May 2001

Trouble In Townsville (partial)

JBVO Host Segments from 8/6/2000

JBVO (October 1, 2000)

JBVO October 8, 2000 (segments Only)

Your Mama

JBVO (October 22th 2000)

I'm Glad You Dig It

Hour Special

JBVO Host Segments & Commercials from 6/10/2001

Talkin To The Goldie

You Say It I Spray It